Speed Cash

Speed Cash Online Slots Game: An Overview

When it comes to online entertainment, casino games are certainly beginning to number amongst the most popular. More particularly so are online slots games. These days, they have been crafted by developers who have managed to evolve them into games with plenty of colours and features, all revolving around different themes. Play ‘n’ Go, one of the industry’s leading software developers, is known for creating games just like this. However, once in a while they create games that are far simpler in structure and in the features they have to offer. One such game is Speed Cash, a fast, automobile themed online slots game.

An Easy, Simple Game Structure

Speed Cash online slots game has one of the easiest structures to understand. This goes hand-in-hand with the design, which while simple, still conveys the theme of the game. With a classic red, black, silver and white colour scheme, coupled with the imagery of fast cars and stacks of cash, the theme is effortlessly conveyed. The game’s structure is a fairly basic one, with only three reels and one payline. This makes for easy playing, as it leaves the game uncomplicated, allowing players to dive straight in.

Quick Spins

A lot of online slots games offer players plenty of extra games, free spins or bonus features. Speed Cash, however, does just the opposite. This game doesn’t offer players all that much in terms of extras, based purely on the fact that it is a no-fuss game that allows players to channel all of their energy into spinning the reels. This makes for plenty of quick spins. Players will benefit from being able to spin plenty more times in quick succession, making the game a fast-paced and unpredictable one that can be played completely on their own terms.

Speed Cash’s Progressive Jackpot

This online slots game does give players various options. The stakes are quite modest, and players have the option to bet either one, two or three coins per spin. However, in order to yield the highest payouts, by betting three coins, players can reap bigger rewards. Furthermore, should you win on a three-coin bet, the game’s progressive jackpot may just be triggered. These kinds of jackpots are always exciting, as they are completely random, and there is no way of predicting exactly what the value of the jackpot actually is.

Speed Cash online slots game is one that is simple, but at the same time, effectively communicates its theme and delivers everything players need in order to have a fully functional slots game. This game can be accessed from a number of devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers, meaning that players can get to spinning the reels whenever they want to, just as long as their device has a stable internet connection. All things considered, this online slots game is also ideal for players of every level, regardless of whether they are just starting out or are seasoned players with years of experience.