Harness racing

Looking at Harness Racing Competitive Sports Betting

There are a number of betting sports available to the punters of the modern day and with all the chaos that could be potentially afoot with all this possibility punters may just need a little help. In so doing, the focus of this will take a stance toward the craft of Harness racing sports betting which is an interesting matchup to say for sure. In this approach the punters will discover just what makes this particular racing event work for betting and how these betting options look in their entirety.

Now that the punters are familiar with the progression intended there are a few notable links to mention regarding the craft of sports betting. These largely revolve around the fact that the sport is linked to the betting that arises and is made available to the punters. This of course then means that the punters shouldn’t really be surprised by an options they encounter if they are aptly familiar with the sporting event at play. This is additionally because there will also be a discussion on the aspects that create these bets from the sport of Harness racing in question.

Linking the Betting and Harness Racing Sport

With most sporting events it can sometimes get rather convoluted as to which aspects will relate to the final betting setup and how the sportsbooks will play upon these options. However with a game like Harness racing which is fundamentally a race event only comprised of horses pulling a form of chariot called a Sulky, the obvious betting options are all involved. This includes of course those related to the winners of the race but also the order of the finishers and sometimes even the last place arrivals. Of course with a game as interesting as this is in its makeup, there are still a couple more tote betting online options to uncover.

Venturing into the World of Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting and that of Harness racing betting in particular there are a few best practices that the punters involved can employ. These include the research of the sport and games involved as these are what the punters will ultimately be betting on in particular. Therefore the punters can take inspiration from recent games and races to try and alter their bet into something with more chance of success. This makes Harness racing betting quite intense because punters and sportsbooks are constantly trying to outsmart each other, making the need for information in this pursuit all the more evident.

A Closer Gauge of the Betting Involved

As with anything one can refine and improve their focus on the subject and develop a scope for further detailed analysis. In regards to Harness racing betting this scope is formed through an examination of the different sportsbook offers and how they can best achieve what it is that the punters ultimately want. This range of choice also of course magnifies the potential that information has on this craft by allowing punters to shop around until they are happy with the odds they are getting on a particular event or scenario.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing Betting

When one thinks racing betting, one often first thinks horses and then maybe cars or motorcycles. However one of the more popular forms is that of Greyhound Racing betting and all its necessary affiliates. This sport pits this amazing species of dog in a flat out race around a track. Like most racing options this has a rather clear and evident layout to it that will reflect well on the betting options available. For the punters this means that this form of betting is quite a viable option since it is both easy to interpret and popular enough to be available online in variety.

When analysing a sports betting option it often works best to break down the whole into components thereof. For the sake of Greyhound Racing betting this means separating sport from betting just long enough to realise their natural born relationship and link them oneself. This intuitive link will only reinforce itself the more the punters learn the craft of both racing sport and betting endeavour. Once through however punters will have a working understanding of what lies ahead and how best to deal with it all in a manner that might led to winning more bets than losing.

Adding some Sport to the Betting Operation

Like most every racing event Greyhound Racing betting shares the quality in that its racers attempt to beat each other to the finish line with the first one across it deemed the winner. Of course with these swift dogs the races are action packed and end rather quickly so punters need to be not only vigilant and attentive but also ready to calculate wagers and place bets before races. Again like most every format of racing there is the different forms that this sport takes on in the form of events. These manifest themselves as various cups and derbies. The live events are an enticing event on its own but through the internet punters can place bets and watch from just about anywhere at all.

Linking the Betting Operation to the Sport

Due to the rather intuitive nature of this Greyhound Racing format the betting attached is also rather easy to decipher. For instance punters will no doubt have noted that there must be betting options that relate to the outcomes of the races as well as the orders thereof and even more betting. These options can get slightly more extensive and involving but for the most part the possibility remains rather straightforward in its layout. For the punters this means maybe not the most range with the betting but certainly some close and exciting betting options thanks to Greyhound Racing.

Searching for Odds and Greyhound Racing Betting

Thanks to the internet there are a lot of options regarding most every kind of sports betting opportunity. So punters can not only find some interesting Greyhound Racing betting but they can even shop around a little and try to pick out the best deals on odds available. This can of course be improved and harnessed by the punters by keeping as closely abreast of the current information as possible.

Benchrest Shooting

All About Benchrest Shooting Betting

Benchrest shooting is a type of competitive, professional sport that involves using high precision rifles to shoot targets in the sky. The types of targets may vary, depending on the rules of the competition. The rifle is mounted on a special rest, and the shooter will sit behind the rifle, while the audience sits on benches behind the shooter.

The shooters that take part in benchrest shooting are well known for putting care and effort into getting the most accurate shots, and are constantly adjusting the rifle to improve accuracy. The sport has become very competitive over recent years, and has garnered interest from both bookmakers and bettors.

Benchrest shooting found its origin in hunting, where hunters would sit and wait patiently for their prey to enter their line of sight. Many hunters soon realised the potential value of accuracy shooting as a form of competition, and creating customised guns quickly became the norm. Today, there are countless class variants of the rifles, and each one is built to the shooter’s specification.

Betting on Benchrest Shooting

The main benchrest shooting competitions are held in Northern America, specifically in Ohio. This is where the nation championships are held, and also the perfect time for bettors to find a team or individual to wager on. Learning about the sport, how it works, as well as the shooters is essential to make informed decisions when making any bets. The most common type of bet is done on the score competitions, as there is often a clear winner and loser.

Benchrest Shooting Competitions

There are a number of competitions available to professional shooters, and these competitions tend to be the best time to make bets. Competitions, in general, are split into two different groups. The first is group shooting, in which teams of shooters are pitted against other shooters. This is also known as a precision competition. The other type of benchrest shooting competition is known as score shooting, and the shooter will aim and shoot at traditional bulls eye targets.

Among the score shooting competitions, there are two types of shooting that are growing in popularity, namely rimfire and airgun shooting. Both of these types use a scoring system as opposed to the precision system used in group competitions and are also used for mobile sports betting sites.

Benchrest Shooting Equipment

The rifles is the most important aspect of the sport, and every shooter has a rifle that is completely custom made to fit the shooter, which even includes custom made ammunition. These rifles, while all unique, tend to have a few common traits. Barrels are often made out of heavy steel, the scopes are high magnifications, and the stocks are made from lightweight materials, such as carbon fibre. The triggers used in the rifles are fine-tuned to the shooter to ensure there is no premature firing. The shooters will also use equipment to gauge the general environment, such as reading the wind conditions in order to make more accurate shots. This is most often done with a wind flag, which is set up within the line of sight of the shooter.


Golf Styled Game of Behcup Betting Online

The game of Behcup is a rather unique style of sport that plays out in a similar fashion to that of golf. Played with two teams consisting of either a single player or multiple ones on each. This game is designed to encompass players from all walks of life, so both young and old, male and female can play these sorts of game with relative ease. In order to get into the betting side of things though the punters need to develop a knowledge base of information on the topic at hand. This means discovering how the game is played and what this in turn means for the betting styles to come.

To evaluate the game of Behcup from a betting point of view the first step is to discuss information relating to the game itself. From here we can make assumptions and correlate them with the betting scene found with this form of game. By the end of it all the punter will have a firm grasp of this game and all it entails as well as the beginnings of an understanding on what the betting variety will be like. All in all the players and punters of this unique golf style of game are in for a potential treat.


Basic Structure of this Game of Behcup

As has been mentioned before, the game of Behcup is played along the same lines as that of golf. This means that the players involved all have clubs through which they intend to hit a ball. Instead of trying to score the ball in a hole though, the players in this game try to hit it into a goal rather. The way this is handled is that the players are given a fixed play area and any ball hit outside of this are fouls and forfeit to that round. The games of this nature can also stretch up to 6 sets long which means a good deal of betting opportunity per game.


Finer Rulings in the Unique Game Behcup

By now the punters looking into this game have begun to get a good idea of what it’s all about. For the more specific details involved the punters will want to know how the game of Behcup conducts itself within the sporting experience. In a set of this game each player is afforded up to 10 shots. At the start of each set a team or player becomes the Cupper or the Baller. The former title imbues the power to hit the ball, while the latter means that this team or players must place the ball somewhere within bounds for the Cupper to hit. This means that the roles shift from time to time and allow those players not necessarily playing at the time to still have an effect on the game.


Betting Inevitably Included for the Game Behcup

The good thing about learning how the game of Behcup is played is that the punters can now form ideas on how the betting involved will play out. Since the bets for a sporting event are related to the structure of said sporting event, there is actually a lot to learn from discovering the sport itself before jumping onto mobile betting sites. The more information the punters acquire for the sport, by watching and following games, the better they can gauge the available bets and make more accurate ones.

Mega Fortune Touch

Mega Fortune Touch Mobile Slot Game

Mega Fortune Touch is a mobile slot from NetEnt. It is a widely recognized progressive slot game as it has one of the largest progressive jackpots. There are five reels along with three rows filled with symbols that represent luxury.

The symbols include the typical playing card icons that are displayed as tiny diamonds on gemstone rings. There is a white stretch limousine, a wad of money, a luxurious gold and diamond wristwatch and brandy.

Mega Fortune Touch mobile slot comes with 25 pay lines. There are four different bet levels per pay line with coin sizes that range from values of 0.01 up to 0.50. The top fixed pay out that can be won during the free spins bonus and does not include any of the progressive jackpots is just over 100 000.

Mega Fortune Touch Wild Symbols

The speedboat wild symbol has the ability to substitute any of the standard symbols where necessary to help create winning symbol combinations on a pay line. The wild symbol will not acts as a stand in for the special scatter symbols or the bonus symbols.

When the Mega Fortune Touch wild symbol lands two to five times in a row on a pay line, a pay-out is awarded. Two, three, four or five wild symbols award pay outs of 10x, 100x, 1 000x or 10 000x the pay line bet.

Pick a Scatter Symbol for Free Spins

The champagne symbols are the scatters that can appear in any spot on the reels. There must however be at least three of them to qualify for free spins. One of the scatter symbols present on the triggering spin must be picked to reveal the number of free spins and multiplier awarded.

Typically the higher the number of free spins means the lower the multiplier and vice versa but 1x to 5x the bet can be randomly awarded. A minimum of two Mega Fortune Touch scatters landing on a free spin will result in another pick and additional awards of free spins with additional multipliers.

Two, three, four or five of the champagne scatter symbols also pay out scatter symbol wins. These symbols award pay outs of 2x, 3x, 10x or 100x the pay line bet respectively.

The Bonus Wheel of Fortune Game

The Mega Fortune Touch bonus wheel of fortune game is where the progressive jackpots can be won. Three or more of the wheel bonus symbols must land on an activated pay line starting from the furthest left reel.

The wheel of fortune consists of three separate wheels representing the three progressive jackpots. The first two wheels award the local progressive jackpots while the third wheel is where the global progressive jackpot can be won. This jackpot is considered to be one of the largest progressive jackpots in the world and amounts to incredibly large sums of money.

The aim of the Mega Fortune Touch bonus game is to stop the spinning wheel by touching on it. The goal is to touch on an arrow in order to progress to the bigger progressive jackpot prizes but the alternative is to win what is present on the specific wheel.

Magic Portals Touch

Magic Portals Touch for Mobile

Magic Portals Touch was designed by NetEnt with a magic and mystical theme present in the electrifying graphics and animations that are depicted by wizards, witches, mystical creatures and images of witchcraft.

Magic Portals Touch was created for mobile use and can be played on Android, iPad and iPhone. The mobile slot is played on a five reel by three row grid that has 25 pay lines. The pay lines are fixed throughout game play but the betting options do vary.

There are ten different betting levels which essentially means that one to 10 coins may be placed on each of the 25 pay lines. The coin sizes come in five different values that range from the minimum of 0.01 and end with the maximum of 1.00.

The Magic Portals Touch Pay Table

All of the Magic Portals Touch symbols follow the magic and mystic theme of the Canadian casino game. The top three paying symbols are represented by a red haired witch, a grey haired wizard and a blue haired witch. These symbols pay out from 15x to 500x the pay line bet.

A red dragon, a green owl and a blue wolf are the three middle valued symbols found on the Magic Portals Touch reels. These symbols award pay outs ranging from 10x to 175x the pay line bet. The lowest paying symbols are represented by a red magic orb, a green magic orb and a blue magic orb. The orbs pay out from 5x to 100x the pay line bet.

Matching symbols must be present three, four or five times in a row on any pay line which runs from the far left reel to the right to be considered a winning combination. All winning combinations are paid out according to the bet and the value of the symbol as per what is stated in the pay table.

The Magic Portals Wild Symbol Feature

Magic Portals Touch features two positions on the reels that acts as portals. These are the middle positons on both reels one and five and can be identified by being surrounded by electric purple circles.

The aim of this feature is to land two matching symbols in both portals for them to become wild. When this happens all of the symbols present on the reels that match the two symbols in the portals also become wild symbols and any wins are then paid out.

The Magic Portals Touch wild symbol is represented by the word wild and acts as a standard substituting wild where wins may be created if it is present alongside two or more matching symbols on a pay line.

The Free Spin Magic Portals Feature

Magic Portals Touch mobile slot awards 10 free spins when the free spins symbol lands in the two portals on reels one and five. The free spins are played immediately with the same bet that was placed on the spin that triggered the feature.

While the free spins feature is in play all three positions on the fifth reel become portals. This means there are more opportunities to match the symbol in the first reels portal with one on the fifth to bring about more wild symbols and the chance of bigger wins.

Lucky Angler Touch

Lucky Angler Touch Mobile Slot from NetEnt

The Lucky Angler Touch mobile slot game is a creation of NetEnt and one of the Touch series of mobile slot games. The mobile slot features five reels, three rows and 15 pay lines. There are sticky wilds and up to 20 free spins to win.

The theme of Lucky Angler Touch shows a fisherman fishing from a hole in a frozen lake. The five by three reel grid is set on the underwater view of the lake with the surface being frozen. Fish swim by in the background and certain other animations include the wilds freezing to ice and the fisherman catching his fish. The symbols include icy playing card symbols represented by the 10 to Ace cards as well as various fish and other underwater creatures.

How to Play Lucky Angler Touch

Lucky Angler Touch was developed to fit the capabilities of compatible mobile devices. Players can access where to adjust bets, change sound volumes and view the pay table amongst others in the Menu icon which can be tapped for access.

Tapping on the spin icon to the right side of the reels will start the game once bets have been placed. Up to 1 000 automatic spins may be set with the auto play option.

The Lucky Angler Touch pay lines are fixed and allow up to 10 coins on each. The coins may be set at six different values that range from 0.01 to 0.50.

Lucky Angler Touch has a win both ways feature which means that while winning combinations must consist of three to five matching symbols, they pay out whether they land left to right or right to left.

The Sticky Wild Symbol Feature

The golden fish hook represents the Lucky Angler Touch wild symbol. This is a sticky wild symbol that substitutes regular symbols where possible to make up winning symbol combinations. These symbols will only land on reels two and four during the main mobile slot game but will also appear on reel three while the free spins are in play.

The wild symbol will become frozen as a sticky wild and stay on its spot for a free re-spin. This will continue as long as it is involved in winning combinations. It will disappear when no winning combination is present. The wild will also no longer remain if the bet is adjusted while it is sticky on the reels.

Lucky Angler Touch Free Spins

The scatter symbols appear as schools of fish and do not have to appear on a pay line to trigger free spins. There must however be at least three of them present. Three scatter symbols landing result in 10 free spins, four scatters result in 15 free spins and five scatters result in the maximum of 20 free spins.

The Lucky Angler Touch mobile slot game’s free spins do not have any multipliers or other special features but the wild symbol will be present on the third reel and remain for the entire duration of the free spins bonus. The standard sticky wilds on reels two and four will still apply.

League of Legends World Championship betting

League of Legends World Championship Betting

There are a number of factors bettors need to take into account when it comes to League of Legends World Championship betting and sizing up the match markets for this popular eSport. Successfully weighing up the variables will ensure that punters are able to boost their bankrolls when the outcomes become available, and ensure that they are able to see good returns on wagers made over the long-term.

When looking into League of Legends World Championship betting predictions in general, the chief factors that punters usually consider when attempting to select winners in the 1×2 markets are:

  • Their head-to-head record
  • The shape they are currently in
  • How they have fared in performances in the past that took place in similar settings
  • The individual match-ups in each of the lanes
  • The champion pools, and the effect this has on the pick-ban phase

Although these elements should all come into play during League of Legends World Championship betting, there are also some others that bettors will find worth exploring that may well help them to find a profitable edge.

League of Legends World Championship Betting Regions

Thanks to the fact that there are almost no international competitions except for the World Championship, different regions’ strength is a very interesting element that is important when it comes to League of Legends World Championship betting.

Bettors will need to judge the strength of teams based on teams’ performances in regional competitions, and then assess how these would fare in opposition to those from the rest of the globe. With some districts famous for the strength of the players they produce, one has to also take into account the fact that players have emigrated, strengthening other localities, and careful investigation is of paramount importance in order to assess all of the possible repercussions of these changes.

Match Results and LoL World Championship Betting Predictions

When assessing the chances of a given team for League of Legends World Championship betting purposes, punters must remember to take into account the amount of matches that were played in each of the results. Bettors accustomed to watching BO3, or best of three, matches may well dangerously assume that all of the matches will be in this format, and make a faulty judgement as to who the victors will be as a result. It is vital that prospective punters get to grips with the format of matches that take place during the World Championship, and take a different, and suitable, approach when betting on each of these different types.

Winning with LoL World Championship Bets

Punters will be required to take the scene overall; their knowledge of the game; and the insight they have gained into the structure of the tournament into account when laying bets on League of Legends World Championship matches in order to gain the edge they need. Proper preparation is the only way to increase the chances of making a profit when it comes to this kind of betting, and no punter should be without it.

There are a number of sites online that provide the information required for proper LoL betting, and there are many articles on hand that offer newcomers a thorough introduction to the world of eSports betting.

League of Legends betting odds

League of Legends Betting Odds

Bookmakers have been offering online betting options for a number of years now, on an increasing variety of sports, including eSports in recent years. Since 2010, eSports betting options are an ever-increasing constant in the betting lines of the best bookmakers, with League of Legends being just one of the most popular, and a range of League of Legends betting odds are becoming far more widely available to punters from all around the world.

Straight win bets are offered for all of the major League of Legends leagues and tournaments, and, in some cases, bets are provided that cover tournament winners; league winners; and handicaps. Some of the bigger tournaments will also have real money lines available for special in-game events as well, and League of Legends betting odds can be very high. The wagers usually go live some days before the tournaments begin, and the odds are known to change often, because the bets laid by other players influences the calculations of rates.

League of Legends Betting Deposit Options

Once a punter has reviewed the League of Legends betting odds available to him or her; decided on which wager to place; and commits to making a deposit into his or her bookmaking account, a number of totally safe methods by which to do so are provided. The very same 128-bit data-encryption SSL, or secure socket layer, software which the majority of the larger banking institutions make use of is in place at the best bookmakers, and League of Legends betting odds can be put into practice with not only the greatest of ease, but total protection too.

While the deposit options will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, and depend heavily on the area in which the punter is viewing the League of Legends betting odds and laying wagers from, the most generally found methods are:

  • Credit cards like MasterCard and Visa
  • Bank transfers
  • Moneybookers/Skrill
  • Neteller
  • ClickandBuy
  • Immediate transfer
  • Instadebit
  • Webmoney

The League of Legends Bet Types

Of course there are standard odds available for the match winners, but there are a number of special League of Legends betting odds provided at some established bookmakers too. These include:

  • First Blood
  • First to Five Kills
  • Amount of Kills
  • Most Kills
  • Individual Maps

Live, in-play betting options are also provided, which allows punters to lay wagers at the same time that the matches are being won and lost. While this option is not always available for all of the League of Legends games and matches, it is recommended that punters investigate this option as the returns for these types of bets are excellent.

Punters who prefer laying their bets while on the go are more than welcome to do so when they make use of the services and products provided by the variety of well-known bookmakers that provide League of Legends access as well, and they can enjoy the same features their more stationary counterparts do. These include depositing; betting; and live odds viewing from wherever they happen to be as they go about their days and nights.

Goblin’s Cave

The Goblin’s Cave Video Slots Game

Goblin’s Cave is a video slots game based on the mythical goblin creatures. According to fairy tales and myths, goblins are often wicked creatures that hoard anything shiny and of value. The goblin featured in Goblin’s Cave, however, is a gentle creature, featured with a droopy face and glasses, wearing a comfortable sweater and home slippers. The element of treasure, however, is still very much a feature of this goblin, and players will come across various valuable items, including gold coins, rubies, rings, crowns, lamps, and bejewelled teapots.

The Goblin’s Cave video slots game has been designed and developed by Playtech. It features three reels and three pay lines for players to play on, as well as re-spins, payout bonuses, and a pick ‘em bonus feature.

Pick ‘Em Bonus Feature

Playtech’s Goblin’s Cave video slots game features a pick ‘em bonus round as its main special feature. This special bonus round can be activated whenever players land three of the treasure lamp icons anywhere on the reels.

In this round, players will engage in a pick ‘em game in order to reveal cash prize payouts. These will be automatically added to the main winnings as soon as the pick ‘em bonus round has come to an end.

Extra Spins and Re-Spins

Goblin’s Cave may not offer players a huge number of special features, but it does offer players a special re-spins feature, meaning that, in actual fact, players will receive two spins for every bet that is placed.

Every time the players hits the spin button, the lower horizontal reel positions will be spun on each reel. This may or may not result in winning combinations. Nonetheless, regardless of whether a winning combination was hit or not, players will be able to hold those symbols on the reels for their next free re-spin, but they can also choose not to hold the symbols if they so wish.

Once they have decided to hold or not hold the symbols in place, players can make use of their second spin or re-spin. Here, the next two pay lines and all non-held reel positions will be spun in the hopes of landing more winning combinations.

Setting Up Gameplay and Payouts

The Goblin’s Cave video slots game offers players a three by three grid to play and bet on. Players will have to play all three pay lines, but they can choose the coin denomination and coin per line bet. There are eight coin values available, including the 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, and 5.00.

The maximum bet per line is twenty-five credits. The maximum bet per spin lies at seventy-five credits.

Payouts are calculated as a set multiplier for a set number of matching symbols. The lowest value payouts include a one-time multiplier for three matching coins, a two-time multiplier for any three matching rings, and a multiplier of five, ten, or fifteen for matching green, purple, and red rings respectively.

The highest paying symbol is the red ruby. Landing three red ruby jewels on an active pay line will reward players with a payout prize of one hundred and fifty times the original bet.