Basic Instinct slot

A Quick Look At Basic Instinct Slot                                                                                                   

Online slots games are always based on a number of different themes that come about as a result of inspiration from the likes of music, entertainers, songs and movies. Over the years, plenty of these kinds of games have been created and as a result, plenty of these themes have been adopted. Basic Instinct slot is the perfect example of this. The controversial movie, first released in 1992 and starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, has become a part of the online casino industry, which is celebrating the film in the form of one of the most popular kinds of NZ online gambling games around. For more information on this game, take a look below.

The Setting And The Symbols

The setting of any online slot game is incredibly important, as this is how the game’s overall theme will be conveyed to players. Basic Instinct slot game is set in the movie’s famous club. An image of Sharon Stone also features in the background, as does some of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks.

When it come to its symbols, Basic Instinct slot game has based all of them on iconic movie items. These include the likes of a police officer’s badge, handcuffs, a gun and an ice pick, all of which represent the game’s higher ranking symbols. The lower ranking symbols, on the other hand, are represented by standard playing card symbols.

The Progressive Jackpot

It is very rare that a normal spin on an online slot game will result in massive wins. With this in mind, online slot game developers like iSoftware Games who developed the Basic Instinct slot game, add a jackpot to make it even more exciting for players, as well as to up the stakes a little bit. This particular game offers a progressive jackpot, which means that the total amount of prize money is ever-changing and can never be predicted. To win this, players need to uncover the gun in the slot game’s bonus round, which sees the player having to choose from different boxes.

Created For A Variety Of Devices

At the end of the day, one of the main reasons for online slot games being as popular as they are lies in the fact that they are so incredibly convenient as they can be accessed from almost anywhere. Basic Instinct slot game was created so that it could be enjoyed from a number of different devices, including the likes of mobile phones, tablets and computers. This means that players can spin the reels of this game whenever they want to, just as long as their devices are connected to the internet, making life much, much easier for them.

Basic Instinct Basics

All in all, Basic Instinct slot game has all the makings of some of the most popular classic online slot machines around. However, the theme of this game is what sets it apart from them, what with all of the controversy that has surrounded this movie over the past two decades or so.