Greyhound Racing Betting Odds | Start Betting Now

When one thinks racing betting, one often first thinks horses and then maybe cars or motorcycles. However one of the more popular forms is that of Greyhound Racing betting and all its necessary affiliates. This sport pits this amazing species of dog in a flat out race around a track. Like most racing options this has a rather clear and evident layout to it that will reflect well on the betting options available. For the punters this means that this form of betting is quite a viable option since it is both easy to interpret and popular enough to be available online in variety. Continue reading “Greyhound Racing Betting Odds | Start Betting Now”


All About Benchrest Shooting Betting

Benchrest shooting is a type of competitive, professional sport that involves using high precision rifles to shoot targets in the sky. The types of targets may vary, depending on the rules of the competition. The rifle is mounted on a special rest, and the shooter will sit behind the rifle, while the audience sits on benches behind the shooter.

The shooters that take part in benchrest shooting are well known for putting care and effort into getting the most accurate shots, and are constantly adjusting the rifle to improve accuracy. The sport has become very competitive over recent years, and has garnered interest from both bookmakers and bettors. Continue reading “All About Benchrest Shooting Betting”

Golf Styled Game of Behcup Betting Online

The game of Behcup is a rather unique style of sport that plays out in a similar fashion to that of golf. Played with two teams consisting of either a single player or multiple ones on each. This game is designed to encompass players from all walks of life, so both young and old, male and female can play these sorts of game with relative ease. In order to get into the betting side of things though the punters need to develop a knowledge base of information on the topic at hand. This means discovering how the game is played and what this in turn means for the betting styles to come.

To evaluate the game of Behcup from a betting point of view the first step is to discuss information relating to the game itself. From here we can make assumptions and correlate them with the betting scene found with this form of game. By the end of it all the punter will have a firm grasp of this game and all it entails as well as the beginnings of an understanding on what the betting variety will be like. All in all the players and punters of this unique golf style of game are in for a potential treat.

Basic Structure of this Game of Behcup

As has been mentioned before, the game of Behcup is played along the same lines as that of golf. This means that the players involved all have clubs through which they intend to hit a ball. Instead of trying to score the ball in a hole though, the players in this game try to hit it into a goal rather. The way this is handled is that the players are given a fixed play area and any ball hit outside of this are fouls and forfeit to that round. The games of this nature can also stretch up to 6 sets long which means a good deal of betting opportunity per game.

Finer Rulings in the Unique Game Behcup

By now the punters looking into this game have begun to get a good idea of what it’s all about. For the more specific details involved the punters will want to know how the game of Behcup conducts itself within the sporting experience. In a set of this game each player is afforded up to 10 shots. At the start of each set a team or player becomes the Cupper or the Baller. The former title imbues the power to hit the ball, while the latter means that this team or players must place the ball somewhere within bounds for the Cupper to hit. This means that the roles shift from time to time and allow those players not necessarily playing at the time to still have an effect on the game.

Betting Inevitably Included for the Game Behcup

The good thing about learning how the game of Behcup is played is that the punters can now form ideas on how the betting involved will play out. Since the bets for a sporting event are related to the structure of said sporting event, there is actually a lot to learn from discovering the sport itself before jumping onto mobile betting sites. The more information the punters acquire for the sport, by watching and following games, the better they can gauge the available bets and make more accurate ones.


Mega Fortune Touch Mobile Slot Game

Mega Fortune Touch is a mobile slot from NetEnt. It is a widely recognized progressive slot game as it has one of the largest progressive jackpots. There are five reels along with three rows filled with symbols that represent luxury.

The symbols include the typical playing card icons that are displayed as tiny diamonds on gemstone rings. There is a white stretch limousine, a wad of money, a luxurious gold and diamond wristwatch and brandy. Continue reading “Mega Fortune Touch Mobile Slot Game”

NetEnt Magic Portals Touch for Mobile

Magic Portals Touch was designed by NetEnt with a magic and mystical theme present in the electrifying graphics and animations that are depicted by wizards, witches, mystical creatures and images of witchcraft.

Magic Portals Touch was created for mobile use and can be played on Android, iPad and iPhone. The mobile slot is played on a five reel by three row grid that has 25 pay lines. The pay lines are fixed throughout game play but the betting options do vary.

There are ten different betting levels which essentially means that one to 10 coins may be placed on each of the 25 pay lines. The coin sizes come in five different values that range from the minimum of 0.01 and end with the maximum of 1.00.

The Magic Portals Touch Pay Table

All of the Magic Portals Touch symbols follow the magic and mystic theme of the Canadian casino game. The top three paying symbols are represented by a red haired witch, a grey haired wizard and a blue haired witch. These symbols pay out from 15x to 500x the pay line bet.

A red dragon, a green owl and a blue wolf are the three middle valued symbols found on the Magic Portals Touch reels. These symbols award pay outs ranging from 10x to 175x the pay line bet. The lowest paying symbols are represented by a red magic orb, a green magic orb and a blue magic orb. The orbs pay out from 5x to 100x the pay line bet.

Matching symbols must be present three, four or five times in a row on any pay line which runs from the far left reel to the right to be considered a winning combination. All winning combinations are paid out according to the bet and the value of the symbol as per what is stated in the pay table.

The Magic Portals Wild Symbol Feature

Magic Portals Touch features two positions on the reels that acts as portals. These are the middle positons on both reels one and five and can be identified by being surrounded by electric purple circles.

The aim of this feature is to land two matching symbols in both portals for them to become wild. When this happens all of the symbols present on the reels that match the two symbols in the portals also become wild symbols and any wins are then paid out.

The Magic Portals Touch wild symbol is represented by the word wild and acts as a standard substituting wild where wins may be created if it is present alongside two or more matching symbols on a pay line.

The Free Spin Magic Portals Feature

Magic Portals Touch mobile slot awards 10 free spins when the free spins symbol lands in the two portals on reels one and five. The free spins are played immediately with the same bet that was placed on the spin that triggered the feature.

While the free spins feature is in play all three positions on the fifth reel become portals. This means there are more opportunities to match the symbol in the first reels portal with one on the fifth to bring about more wild symbols and the chance of bigger wins.

Overview of Lucky Angler Touch Mobile Slot from NetEnt

The Lucky Angler Touch mobile slot game is a creation of NetEnt and one of the Touch series of mobile slot games. The mobile slot features five reels, three rows and 15 pay lines. There are sticky wilds and up to 20 free spins to win.

The theme of Lucky Angler Touch shows a fisherman fishing from a hole in a frozen lake. The five by three reel grid is set on the underwater view of the lake with the surface being frozen. Fish swim by in the background and certain other animations include the wilds freezing to ice and the fisherman catching his fish. The symbols include icy playing card symbols represented by the 10 to Ace cards as well as various fish and other underwater creatures. Continue reading “Overview of Lucky Angler Touch Mobile Slot from NetEnt”


A Clear Look at League of Legends World Championship Betting

There are a number of factors bettors need to take into account when it comes to League of Legends World Championship betting and sizing up the match markets for this popular eSport. Successfully weighing up the variables will ensure that punters are able to boost their bankrolls when the outcomes become available, and ensure that they are able to see good returns on wagers made over the long-term. Continue reading “A Clear Look at League of Legends World Championship Betting”


League Of Legends Betting Odds In-Detail

Bookmakers have been offering online betting options for a number of years now, on an increasing variety of sports, including eSports in recent years. Since 2010, eSports betting options are an ever-increasing constant in the betting lines of the best bookmakers, with League of Legends being just one of the most popular, and a range of League of Legends betting odds are becoming far more widely available to punters from all around the world. Continue reading “League Of Legends Betting Odds In-Detail”


The Goblin’s Cave Video Slots Game

Goblin’s Cave is a video slots game based on the mythical goblin creatures. According to fairy tales and myths, goblins are often wicked creatures that hoard anything shiny and of value. The goblin featured in Goblin’s Cave, however, is a gentle creature, featured with a droopy face and glasses, wearing a comfortable sweater and home slippers. The element of treasure, however, is still very much a feature of this goblin, and players will come across various valuable items, including gold coins, rubies, rings, crowns, lamps, and bejewelled teapots. Continue reading “The Goblin’s Cave Video Slots Game”


Cheery Easter Surprise Online Slot Celebrates Chocolate

Rendered in bright primary colours and using only eight payline symbols for better chances of a win, Easter Surprise from Playtech is an online slot for those who want to inject some Easter fun into their real money online casino play.

The layout is simple: five transparent reels suspended before a grassy green hillock under a sky scattered with puffy clouds. Only two brightly decorated Easter eggs, peeping out from a corner, hint at the Easter egg theme. Continue reading “Cheery Easter Surprise Online Slot Celebrates Chocolate”